3 Reasons Why You Need a Certificate of Accurate Translation

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When you need important documents translated, you are faced with a long list of translation service companies that offer different levels of service. You will see the term “certified translation” thrown around, but what does that really mean? And why do you need it?

A Certificate of Accurate Translation oftentimes includes a strict set of rules that would unlikely be followed by someone who just speaks the language. The certificate can be notarized, and the translation service company should be willingly to testify in court (if necessary) that the translation of the original document is accurate. Here are 3 reasons why you need a Certificate of Accurate Translation for your document translation.

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1. Authenticates a qualified, vetted translator worked on your documents

Professional translation companies use vetted translators to work on projects. Some companies have in house translators, and some contract translators from all around the world. Translators are qualified by a variety of certifications and degrees including the American Translators Associations (ATA) certification, verified language & linguistics degrees from accredited universities around the world, and other certifications that prove skilled ability to perform translations accurately.   

2. Proves without a doubt that the information is correct

When language service providers offer a Certificate of Accurate Translation, you can be assured that the document has been translated accurately to the best of their ability. They should be willing to testify to the translations accuracy if the requesting entity inquires. A translation company who is willing to put their translation to that high of a standard is worth trusting to do the job well.

3. Sets a high standard

Certified translation is a legal record that a language services provider will testify to if necessary. When seeking a certified translation, ask about their processes in keeping high standards a priority. When selecting a translation company, an ISO certification (International Standard for Organization) is a huge plus. An organization that is ISO certified has established processes that aim at high-level quality control and continuous improvement. It also means that the organization undergoes annual audits that review their processes for efficiency and quality. Any translation company should have multiple steps in checking and reviewing the translation of the original document. For example, linguistic review by multiple translators and quality assurance checks. Whether you need business translation services, medical documents translated, court documents translated, or other types of document translation, getting a Certificate of Accurate Translation adds an extra layer of validation.  

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